Any pool – outdoor, indoor, private, and public – requires special maintenance and care. Without regular cleaning, mechanical and organic pollution, rust and limescale appear in artificial reservoirs, and pathogenic fungi and bacteria multiply. The more people visit the pool, the faster the reservoir and auxiliary facilities such as showers and changing rooms become clogged. Routine cleaning cannot remove all dirt. Only pool cleaning service in Queens NY can cope with this task.

General cleaning of the pool is one of the services of Immaculate Cleaning LLC. We work in NYC and visit objects of varying complexity and distance. We carry out general cleaning of open and closed reservoirs, we cooperate with individuals and organizations.

Resident cleaning features

Resident cleaning of indoor pools is carried out 3-4 times a year, open – 1-2 times, depending on the operating conditions. Cleaning procedures of pool cleaning service in Queens NY include removing all types of dirt, replacing and cleaning filters, and disinfecting surfaces. The resident cleaning uses professional chemicals and modern equipment. Cleaning agents are selected depending on the materials with which you will have to work. Our employees have at their disposal effective formulations for ceramic tiles, metal, plastic, sanitary ware, glass, and marble.

Pool cleaning steps

Regardless of the degree of pollution, professional cleaning of the pool is carried out in stages:

Drainage of water.
Diagnostics. This stage allows you to assess the scope of work, which is needed not only to calculate the cost of services but also to select suitable tools and equipment.
Cleaning the bottom and walls of the pool. At this stage, acidic agents are used to remove organic and mineral deposits, water stones, and limescale.
Disinfection and treatment with neutralizing agents.
Cleaning the filtration system. Any filters will clog over time. For their flushing, a reverse stroke is provided, when the water pressure goes in the opposite direction. This will wash out sand and other contaminants.

Sometimes the pool needs to be cleaned without draining the water. Cleaning Service provides this service through the use of underwater vacuum cleaners. If there is large debris, then it is preliminarily removed with a net. After cleaning the bottom and walls of the pool with a vacuum cleaner, they start flushing the filters.

“Cleaning-Service” carries out deep cleaning of all surfaces of the pool, always paying attention to the joints and seams. The complex of works includes the destruction of algae and fungus, and the polishing of stainless steel, and chrome-plated elements.

Benefits of pool cleaning service Queens NY

Contacting a cleaning company for pool maintenance provides a lot of advantages:

Saving time and effort;
Execution of works at any time
Use of cleaning agents safe for humans;
There is no need to buy special equipment, or cleaning agents;
Complete elimination of all deposits.

The main advantage of contacting pool cleaning service in Queens NY is high-quality cleansing. It cannot be achieved without special tools and equipment. When all deposits are completely removed, the next cleaning will not be necessary so soon, and the operation of the pool will be safe.

General Cleaning With Pool Cleaning Service Queens NY

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