The different last minute cleaning service NYC that must be carried out in companies will always depend on their needs and characteristics. The size, accessibility, furniture, or the commercial activity that takes place in them are factors that determine the type of cleaning services they require.

In many cases, the budget that you have means that you have to hire companies by the hour, by the month, or annually.

In general, last minute cleaning service NYC specialized in cleaning offices, commercial premises, and homes tend to adapt to different needs, because as they are public spaces, cleaning must be done at certain times, with specific products that are different from those that can be used. to do a more conventional cleaning.

In this post, we will develop a commercial cleaning services Brooklyn NY manual for commercial premises that will be very useful if you are thinking of hiring commercial cleaning services Brooklyn NY.

Budgeting for commercial cleaning services Brooklyn NY

The first step that must be taken is to think about the economic limit we have and ask a couple of cleaning companies for quotes. With 4 or 5 companies that we compare it is enough. The idea is to look for companies that have good references both from friends, acquaintances and on the internet, made by other clients. The main aspects that cleaning companies usually take into account when preparing their budgets are:

Where is the business premises located?

The area in square meters of the areas to be cleaned

How the premises are distributed: kitchen, toilets, warehouses, etc.

The furniture that makes up the commercial premises and its physical characteristics: shop windows, mirrors, accessibility, doors, shelves, air conditioning systems, etc.

The types of floors and pavements as well as the existence of rugs or carpets

The existence of fragile elements

The preferable time to perform the service since if you want to perform the cleaning service at night it will be somewhat more expensive

Cleaning workers are governed by the general cleaning agreement of the community where they are providing the service. In this agreement, the issues that refer to personnel, salaries, contracts, vacations, rights, and other aspects are specified.

Cleaning services

The daily routine of last-minute cleaning service NYC for commercial premises

Although each commercial premise has its own characteristics, the daily routine is usually very similar when we are faced with shops, small businesses, and shops. The main steps that are carried out during the cleaning of commercial premises are:

Ventilation: it is often forgotten that it is highly recommended to ventilate premises before last minute cleaning service NYC begins. The longer we have the windows and doors open in the premises, the better because that way the ambient air can be well renewed.

Floors: after having ventilated the entire premises, the floors should be cleaned. Depending on each type of soil, one technique or another will be used. If, for example, the floor is tiled, it can be cleaned with mops, cloths, and brushes. If there are carpets, an industrial vacuum cleaner should be used for a better result.

Things To Know About Last Minute Cleaning Service NYC

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