Cleaning Packages

Residential & Office Cleaning Packages

Cleaning is an art and art is a great investment which includes knowledge, planning and skills. Looking for residential and commercial cleaning packages?

Immaculate cleaning LLC professionals are ready to help you. Competitive rates and special packages are available to fit your lifestyle and budget. Contact us today for complete specification list!!

Every home, office or restaurants is unique, so is every cleaning cost estimate. Your estimate will be determined on your individual cleaning and budgetary needs, including square footage, and the cleaning projects you desire performed. Residential & office cleaning packages includes various services and it takes 10 to 15+ hours for this cleaning depending on the space to be cleaned. You can book for our cleaning services any time you want.

 Office Cleaning

General Office Cleaning

Medical and Dental Offices

Law Offices

Day Care Centers

Property Management

Urgent Care Clinics


Building maintenance

Deep Cleaning

 House Cleaning

Common Area Residential Cleaning


1 Bedroom

2 Bedroom

3 Bedroom

4 Bedroom

Clean oven interior

Clean Fridge interior


Strip/Wax Floors

Hard Wood Floors/ Repairs , Refinishing, Installations

Carpet Cleaning

Emergency Cleaning

Entertainment Cleaning

Strip Mall Cleaning

Bar/ Lounge

Post construction Cleanup

Parking Garages

Gym/Workout Facilities

Industrial Facilities